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IT security

The internet offers many benifits, but it also has negative effects if you do not take the right precautions. There are a few steps you should take into consideration to optain optimal IT security. For example, there are many options on the modem/router to make your internet network secure. However, many people do not now how to operate these options. We help you understand these options and we teach you how to operate some tasks on your own. Moreover, we make sure your programs are configurated well, to ensure a secure network.

Safe on web

The Belgian Computer Emergency Response Team* (CERT) has launched safeonweb on the 21th of May 2013. CERT is being executed by the Belgian Research Network (BELNET) that is financed by the federal Department of Information- and Communication Technology (FEDICT). A few famous initiatives of FEDICT: tax on web, software for the elektronic identity card or eID, internet for everyone, ... . Safeonweb is a website that informs the citizens about online security.

Here above you can watch a video** of safeonweb that shows the possible consequences of a virus.

*The Belgian National Computer Security Incident Response Team.
** Adobe Flash player is needed. Video language only in Dutch and French subtitles.